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Welcome to NkyFestivals.com!

This website contains pictures and videos of events that have taken place over the years in Northern Kentucky pertaining to Festivals. Churches, Schools, Organizations and fundraisers all participate in this method of bringing people together for a cause.

Some of the content distributed on this website will provide a timeline in history for those who want to recall a moment in time where these festivities took place. What I have found is little or no content exists of these events that I have taken the time to video, and some of these events have stretched decades in their design.

In knowing this, I feel it is my obligation to provide this view through my camera to those in the future, years from now when this time has past as “recent” and historians want to find these cherished memories. In just a short time, the local media has been taking opportunity of using some of this media to provide for upcoming events. This is the design that I am aiming for so it gains its use as a rolodex to pick and choose content.

Another very important reason for the creation of this website was to provide for those who physically cannot enjoy such festivities. It is common for events depicted in the pictures and video that parking, long distance walking, long periods of time standing at events such as these can be the norm. OutdoorEventSeating.com is a company that offers temporary seating for festivals throughout the Northern Kentucky area. This company is working with all outdoor events throughout the community to gain relationships to offer park bench seating so that all patrons young or old can have a place to rest and enjoy, take in the good time while attending their favorite festivity. Given the accessibility of the internet, those who cannot attend now have the chance to sit in front of their computer and take in a glimpse of what goes on in their community.

We thank you for stopping by and please bookmark our site as throughout the year we will update our website, provide a calendar of upcoming events so you have a place to find out when and where these festivals take place. Feel free to comment on the videos!


 Links on the left hand side of the page provide the different time lines or seasons throughout the year.

Links on the right hand side offer keywords to events. Please use the search bar to find a specific event .

Nkyfestivals.com also has a Community Forum that allows more freedom to post and interact with others.

in the community in regards to upcoming events.

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